TOP10 Deephouse Tracks You Have To Know

What is Deephouse? Well, according to Wikipedia it´s a sub-genre of House with some jazzy-funk and soul music influence, originating in the 1980´s. What surprises me is that this genre was ‘always’ there, but actually never had a big hype, like for example Dubstep nowadays, or like Drum’n’Base. So what is it what keeps this genre alive since now more then 20 years? For my opinion it is the fact that it is moving; it creates feelings; makes you dream and float away. And it is kinda easy-listening music. Even my dad likes to listen to it. With this post I would like to show you some (for my personal taste) master pieces of deep house.

1. Jimpster – Infinity Dub

Jimpster (real name Jamie Odell) is a British producer and DJ. He owns the label ‘Freerange Records’. With his amazing chords and melodies, he is one of my most favorite producers. Definitely remember this name.

2. Move D – Les Fou

Behind Move D is the German musician David Andreas Paul Nicola Moufang. People who know his releases know that they´re very deep, often nice and slow, but always very storytelling.

3. Robag Wruhme – Tulpa Ovi

Robag, alias Gabor Schablitzki, is… how should I say it… SPECIAL! He is an absolute mastermind, a creator of dreams, a virtuoso of beats… From all the music I own, his releases are different. I can´t even say what it is, what lets me desperately fall in love with his music, but I guess it is the fact that you can really hear the passion with which he ‘handcrafts’ his tracks.

4. DJ Koze – Magical Boy (feat. Matthew Dear)

If we mention Robag then we have to mention Stefan Kozalla, which is the name of DJ Koze. Some of you might know him also as ‘Adolf Noise’. The fact that his releases are so versatile, there has to be a KOZE in every Set.

5. Tigerskin – Feel For You

The German producer Alexander Krüger alias Tigerskin produces music since the mid-nineties, also under the aliases Dub Taylor or Korsakow. If you don´t know him, check out this video.

6. Moodymann ‎– I Can’t Kick This Feelin When It Hits

Released in 1996, this track is so oldschool, funky and groovy, I really like to play this track and watching people going crazy on the dance floor to this one. If you like this kind of classic influence, checkout his other releases.

7. Nils Penner – Help Yourself

His tracks are being played by most of the ‘big’ deephouse DJs on this planet, Nils has his own way and definitely like it.

8. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue

Sam Shepherd, a guy from the UK, master in experimental music and creator of some very unique tracks. He is not so long in the producing-music business, but somehow he know how the cookie crumbles. Checkout his releases

9. Panthera Krause – Fews

If you´re one of the lucky guys who got this release on 12inch, consider yourself as lucky: There´re only 300 pieces!

10. Jussi-Pekka – Discoshit

As I´m living in Finland since a couple years I got to know more and more to the Finnish music culture, which is by the way very multisided! Jussi-Pekka released couple tracks on Moodmusic, which is the label of Sasse, who is also from Finland but living in Germany for many years. Jussi owns his own label called Frozen North Recordings. Go and check it out.

Remember: Buy the music! If no one buys music, good music will disappear. 1-2EUROs for one track is not much. Stop smoking for one day and you got enough money to purchase 3-5 tracks.

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