Goodbye Soundcloud

No-SoundcloudIt´s time to say goodbye:

After having a pro account for Soundcloud for more then five years it´s time to leave this platform.

This means for you: No change so far, only that there won´t be any uploads on Soundcloud in the future. Only downloads via iTunes, RSS and of course from here, the website.

The reasons why I left Soundcloud:

Over the past years uploading DJ sets on Soundcloud became more and more risky. Sometimes they get blocked due to copyright violation. Same happened to my couple of times so I had to change a bit the structure of the mix. Not only this: Soundcloud grew from a small underground platform to one of the biggest players in the music streaming business. Therefore it is obvious that the big music labels are interested in what music is uploaded to this platform. Just to make one point clear: I’m absolutely against illegal distribution and downloading of music. But platforms like Soundcloud and podcasters like I am are nothing more than free promotion for artists and labels. Same like radio stations.

There’ve been a few reports in the recent past that artists couldn’t even upload their own music and always got blocked. Soundcloud couldn’t tell what was the reason – even after being directly asked about this topic. The reason for this “uncontrolled” blocking is that Universal Music has now the rights to block each and every content, without notifying Soundcloud. As a matter of facts: when a major music label like Universal gets the right to do this, it is only a question of time till uploads get “censored” or even erased. I spent enough time with the mixing, creating the artwork, linking the playlists, sharing and distributing the podcast… and now I also have to be concerned that one of the biggest and most powerful label on this world is able to look in my “pocket”?

I bet my left nut that we will have some serious copyright issues in the near future with uploaded music on Soundcloud. Especially because Soundcloud wants to monetize the uploads of artists based on the amount of listeners. To be clear here: I don’t want anybodies money! If people are donating some money in order to help me with the server costs, it’s fine for me and I appreciate it (and kind of depend a bit on it). What I don’t want is that I get money like I would be the artist of those tracks which I played in my mixes.

As you can see, there are many unclear topics with Soundcloud, copyright and the uploaders. For me this is clearly a red curtain and it’s time to leave the ship… even though it is not sinking. More we’re facing a storm front and I don’t want to be the one who gets washout from the deck.


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