iOS 9 and iTunes 12.3.x and Enhanced Podcasts

Continuing the issue with enhanced podcasts Apple seems to not listen to podcasters! Already in March 2015 we reported about the missing covers in podcast-chapter in the iOS Podcast app. Now after installing iOS 9 and iTunes 12.3.x it seem to get worse.


Issues within iTunes

My observation in iTunes 12.3.x is that now chapter covers aren´t displayed at all in iTunes even with activated mini-player, see that screenshot:

iTunes Screenshot Podcast

As you can see the link is displayed (even the correct one belonging to the chapter) but you also see it only displays the episode cover (which is independent in the Garage Band application than chapter covers).

Issues within iOS 9 Podcast app

As it seems also in the iOS 9 Podcast application Apple did a “great” job by removing the links in the chapters! So there is now way for podcast producers to implement any kind of link anymore, as shown in the screenshot:

Screenshot 2 iOS 9

The display of chapter covers seems to have a small improvement as it displays almost all chapter covers – with some exceptions as you can see in this screenshot:

Screenshot 3 iOS 9

Chapters are still working in both iTunes and iOS, as shown below:

Screenshot 1 iOS 9

To sum it up

Before (in iOS 8 and 7) the podcast app didn´t display correctly the chapter covers. Now in iOS 9 this seems to be fixed. Only now we can´t see the links anymore. In the older iTunes versions at least there enhenced podcasts were displayed almost perfectly. Now we don´t see chapter covers anymore – but links?!?!?

So Apple: what´s next?

Enhanced Podcasts will die soon completely or will they continue to cripple their once so loved baby? Stay tuned for more details.


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