Happy New Year 2014

Hello my dear fellows,

the new year just started a few hours ago and slowly everyone wakes up. I hope you guys had a decent party yesterday. As a milestone for this year we will have soon more then 100 episodes which means there will be some kind of special. I´m on it. As I will move from Finland to Switzerland in March/April maybe there will be also a time where I don´t have so much time to record and publish new sets. But in general: Everything stays (almost) the same: Deep House music is still the main genre of ‘Gepflegtes Klopfen’ and as usual I´ll try to provide new sets every week or two weeks. Thank you all for downloading and sharing. If you wanna be a part of Gepflegtes Klopfen just contact me: I´m looking for guest-DJs, artists, music nerds, web designer and any other creative individuals.

See ya,

Andi aka Maximum Minimal


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