Maximum Minimal

Born in Dresden (East-Germany) in the year 1987, Maximum Minimal grew up under the influence of a large variety of music. His older sisters had a very contrary taste in music, so his youth was influenced by electric music artists like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre, as well as East-German Rock and international Rock music from Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. Until today, Maximum Minimal likes all kinds of music, despite any genres. He calls himself “a music junky“.

In 2006 he discovered Deep House as his favourite music, mostly influenced by music being played in his favourite night clubs: Club Koralle in Dresden and Morph Club in Bamberg. Since than he dedicated his life to the deeper side of music.

Allocated somewhere between House and Dub Techno, Maximum Minimal is showcasing all kinds of shades of deep house music. His inspiration for new mixes come from different sources: mainly by visiting small underground night clubs, where he occasionally plays music. The most he likes do dig for new music in local record shops and online music stores.

In the year 2011 he founded the deep house podcast „Gepflegtes Klopfen“ (which can be translated as “neat beats”), where he published more than 180 episodes by the end of 2019. He is the owner and creative head behind the show, as well as the DJ mixing most of the podcast episodes. Because of his international network, he often features fresh artists from all around the world: he offers his platform „Gepflegtes Klopfen“ to all independent and not-wellknown artists – because good underground music is not being played in big night clubs!

Maximum Minimals preferred working zones are small bars and nightclubs.

Maximum Minimals career highlights are:

  • Owner of “Gepflegtes Klopfen: Deep House podcast” since 2011
  • Member of PlUGi – Pori Electronic Music Association (PEM)
  • Paradise Water Festival 2013 in Turku, Finland
  • host and DJ @ – 2017 and 2018

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