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Podcast #169 by Maximum Minimal

Compiled and mixed by Maximum Minimal, owner of Gepflegtes Klopfen Podcast.

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Podcast #168 by Maximum Minimal

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Podcast #167 by Dre Deep (Pretoria/SA)

Fresh podcast by our man Dre Deep from Pretoria, South Africa. Enjoy one hour of pure deepness. Don´t forget to subscribe via iTunes or RSS. Please consider donating to help us pay the bills!


(Nr. – Track – Artist)

  1. 3rd Bass – Adam Strömstedt
  2. An Classic – Gavinco
  3. Camel Ride – Tell
  4. And You And You – Smallpeople
  5. Your Ass Gotta Go – LB Aka Labat
  6. Springtime – Jus Jam feat. Momla
  7. The Accord – Harry Wolfman
  8. Ok, Tell Me – Corbi
  9. Drums – Daniel Leseman
  10. Sun Is the Place – Leon Revol
  11. Discofonk – S3A Pimp Factor – Rick Wade
  12. The Bass & The Beauty (pothOles Remix) – Evren Ulusoy

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