Hardware: new AUDIO 2 mk2

Audio 2 MK2

A new version of the ultra-compact DJ soundcard, Native Instruments AUDIO 2, is now available on Amazon. For only 99€ you get a 2-channel-soundcard with a pretty decent quality, featuring a main-output and a monitor-output. Together with TRAKTOR LE 2 there is nothing more needed to get started, even though we advise you to buy at least one controller to manipulate your track decks, such as the X1 MK2.

Kontrol X1 MK2

You can get both controller for less then 300€: enough for a minimalistic DJ setup able to rock a club. As almost all new NI devices, this device is iOS-ready, which means you can use your iPhone or iPad together with this little thing! This could look like this:TA2-MK2_Setup_iPad_lighting_cable

Get you Audio 2 mk2 device now via Amazon:

Purchase: Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 mk2

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