Podcast #151 by Maximum Minimal

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  1. Intro – Interview with Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers from 1992
  2. Mr. Fingers – Stars [Alleviated]
  3. Takuya Matsumoto – Filo [Fina Records]
  4. Eric Kupper, K-Scope – Stargazer [Nite Grooves]
  5. Jacob Korn – The Happening [Uncanny Valley]
  6. Abra – Journey [Bach Music]
  7. Deep88 – Harmony [12Records]
  8. Powel – Cloud City [Fina Records]
  9. Session Victim – Up to Rise [Delusions of Grandeur]
  10. Craig Smith & The Revenge – The Soul Pt II (6th Borough Project Lost Dub) [Delusions of Grandeur]
  11. Joel Alter, Eric D. Clark – Rules of Love (Dj QU All Ova the Floor Retouch) [Bass Culture Records]
  12. Rekardo Rivalo – Dancing Under the Palm Trees [House Stewardess]
  13. Dana Ruh – Grün [Einmaleins Musik]
  14. Damon Carter – Sweet Dissonance  [DHR Inc.]
  15. Fabio Gianelli – Grenouille [The Lab]

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