Podcast #125 by DJ Hexe

Podcast Guest Mix By DJ HEXE
Another fine selection by DJ Hexe featuring a nice dubtechno-mix. A full playlist can be found below, as well as download links and subscription options to our podcast.

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1. Atheus – The Magick Mountain
2. Yagya – Rigning Tvö
3. Inward Content – Continuum Mechanics
4. Atheus – Unendlich 
5. Quantec – Halcyon 
6. Pablo Bolivar (feat. Sistema) – Memories
7. Stefan Gubatz – An
8. Cv313 – Space
9. Exos – Green Beat
10. Donato Dozzy & DJ Say – Transparent
11. Iori – Bloom
12. The Sight Below – N-Plants Remixes – Ikata

DJ HexeAbout DJ Hexe

Hexe makes music, collects vinyl records and studies audio engineering.
Among techno, electro, deep house and dubbier stuff he loves acid, synthpop and red wine. In addition to DJ:ing and making music under his own name, he’s a part of dub techno/house project Toisvesi, exploring the universe through analog synthesis with Syntetisaattoriorkesteri Galaksi and composing impassioned vocoder ballads as Vokologi.
Contact: heikki.vastiala (a) gmail (dot) com

Check out his Soundcloud profile to find out more about him and his music. DJ Hexe @ Soundcloud


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