Podcast #124 by Steven Scharnow

Another fine collection by Steven Scharnow (Berlin/GERMANY). It´s not his first time being a guest in our little show – if you listen regularly to this podcast his name will be familiar.

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Podcast 124


Playlist:  (Label-Artits-Track)

  1. FINA – Simon Baker – Riker
  2. VERRYYOU – Ben Weber – Phenomenon
  3. PARLOPHONE – Dannson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That
  4. VERRYYOU – Solo WG – Self Control
  5. OFF RECORDINGS – Purpel Disco Maschine – My House
  6. OFF RECORDINGS – Crom & Thanh – These Walls
  7. OFF RECORDINGS – Chi Thanh – Let it Rain
  8. 2020 VISION – Simon Baker feat Debukas -Let Me In
  9. Noir Music – Noir and Haze – Around (Solomun Vox)
  10. Defected – Nicone & Sascha Braemer – Liar (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
  11. Semester – Dayne S – The Thrill

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