Podcast #106 by Hans Olo (Finland)

Hans-Olo We´re proud to present you once more a fine set by Hans Olo, a member of your little crew and good friend. Based in Pori (Finland) Hans Olo is not only owner of some bars and host of cool parties, he is also a very talented DJ. Feel free to check out his Soundcloud page for more details. You can also become a guest DJ! Just submit your mix, including some details of you and we host your music. To submit just follow the instructions here.

 Download the MP3 here. Feel free to share it with your friends:


Like with all the things in live: nothing is for free, neither for us! If you like this show, the music and the work we´re doing, feel free to donate some coins to help us with the costs for the servers and services like Soundcloud and more. If you cannot donate money, we are also looking for people who can help us, for example with web design and audio production. Just write us via contact (a) gepflegtesklopfen (dot) com


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